Setting off!

In four days time myself and my Boyfriend are setting off on our self planned journey around the world. Well, it does not quite stretch to a ‘World Trip’ but we plan on doing our best to fit as much in as we can. There’s just too many countries on this planet and not enough monies in the pockets of a Professional Dancer and Graphic Designer/Freelance Artist combined to even touch the surface.

For a few years now we’ve both been wanting to travel and have now managed to save enough money to explore some countries that have been on our bucket lists for a while. We are also both at a point in our lives where neither of us have any major responsibilities or commitments and most importantly we feel we are ready for the challenges ahead.

I’m not trying to write a self-help blog, even though that last bit did sound a bit like it!

I’ve realised I have not introduced myself yet. Hello, my name is Eilidh and I will be your guide today! Well, technically I will be your guide throughout this blog. I am 23 years old, a Professional dancer from Edinburgh, Scotland who loves keeping fit equally as much as she loves cake. It’s a daily struggle I’m sure some of you can empathise with! My boyfriend Peter is 24 and is Graphic Designer and Freelance Artist who studied Architecture and is also from Edinburgh, Scotland. His first love is football, something I have come to accept over time and he is a bigger fan of savoury foods than sweets unlike myself.

Well now you know our names, ages, professions and eating habits I think that’s enough to go on today. Stay tuned for my next post when I tell you what I am most excited to see in our first stop, Rio de Janeiro!


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