The 5 things I am most excited for in Rio de Janeiro.

Hello lovely people. Peter and I are only going to be in Rio de Janeiro for four nights and I would like to share with you the 5 things I am most excited to see in Rio. Hopefully we get to experience all of these things and squeeze in a few more. All depends on timings, as per.

Numero uno: Christ the Redeemer

I mean this has to be number one on everyone’s must see in Rio list surely? Excited to finally see this distinctive image known all around the world. I am predicting  we will spend quite a while here trying to take the ultimate shots showing off the magnificent views that this symbolic tourist attraction offers. Also because Peter is a perfectionist so that’s inevitable 🙂

2: Sugarloaf Mountain

Another extremely well know image of the city of Rio de Janeiro is the Peak Sugarloaf Mountain. Our plan is to get the cable car up to the summit and yet again take loads of photos of those breathtaking views.

3. Escadaria Selaron

Also know as the ‘Selaron Steps’, these steps were designed by Chilean artist Jorge Selaron as a tribute to the Brazilian people. It will be lovely to learn more about the artistry and story behind the steps and the artist himself.

4. Jardim Botanico

I am a big fan of botanical gardens. I love spending an afternoon meandering through the gardens that ooze peace and tranquillity.

5. Copacabana and Ipanema beach

Hopefully we will get to lie down on both of these beaches while visiting Rio. Not forgetting the cocktail in hand!

We leave tomorrow morning and I am so excited to explore this city.

Thanks for reading!



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