Rio de Janeiro 

Brazil is a very large country. Fact! 

Peter and I only managed to see a tiny bit of it. Although, the small part we saw we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Our first stop of two was Rio de Janeiro. We stayed in an Airbnb just off Copacabana beach for a total of four nights.

On our first of three full days in the city we decided we wanted to go to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. Instead of getting the cable car from the bottom to the first peak Morro da Urca and continuing to Sugarloaf Mountain we decided to climb Morro da Urca and just get the cable car over to Sugarloaf. This cost about £15 per person and I’m so glad we decided to climb the first bit because we spotted some wild monkeys called Marmosets. They were showing off their climbing and swinging skills in front of Peter. He managed to get this shot. 

However, although they look harmless apparently they’re a pest to the other wild life on the mountain and have invaded other’s habitats, transmitted diseases and fed off other species young. It’s exciting to experience this but you just have to be aware, they are wild! 

The views from the top were spectacular! It was so lovely to see Rio’s incredible scenery with a setting sun. Something I would definitely recommend. 

Day two started with a quick trip to Copacabana beach as it was apparently meant to be thunderstorms the following day. 

After lunch we made our way to see Christ the Redeemer. We took a bus to the bottom of Mount Corcovado and once buying our tickets (£15 each) a tourist train transports you up the hill to see the statue. Seeing the statue was just amazing! It was really misty this day but actually I think the weather made us appreciate the height at which the statue stands because we were above the clouds! Spectacular is an understatement. 

After taking many a photo we descended quickly as our next stop that evening was the Maracanã football stadium. We struggled to find information on how to purchase tickets to the Fluminense x Gremio game that evening online so took the risk at turning up about 45 minutes before to see if it was possible to purchase tickets on the door. If you’re as big a fan of football as Peter and prepared to wait in line for the above length of time or then it’s completely possible to buy on the door. It was a lot cheaper than we expected too! Roughly £10 each for our tickets. Getting to the stadium wasn’t difficult either. If you research buses before they are pretty regular and the underground is very easy to work and understand. Now I can’t comment much on the technicality of the game but what I can appreciate is the passion and support delivered by the fans that evening. Arriving at the Maracanã which seats about 78,838 is very overwhelming at first with floods and floods of fans all chanting songs in a language you don’t understand but we didn’t feel out of place or unsafe whilst attending. There was a very large amount of armed police before and after the game in case of any bother but we didn’t witness any at the time. 

Our final day in Rio was mainly devoted to Ipanema beach. There was no sign of the predicted thunderstorm so we took our chances and walked to this recommended beach. This was about a 40 minute walk from our apartment and past Copacabana beach. It lived up to its reputation, providing the below views. 

We had a great time in Rio and packed in a lot to our three days. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the Selaron Steps because everything is Rio is quite sparsely spread over the city and we didn’t have a lot of time. However this just gives us a reason to go back! 

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