Iguazu Falls – from both sides. 

When planning our trip several months ago, we agreed one of our stops in South America had to be Iguazu Falls. As the falls lie on the border of Brazil and Argentina you are able to visit the landmark from both countries. We had read mixed reports about which side provided the best view so as the indecisive couple we are we chose to visit the falls from both sides. 

From Brazil

We really enjoyed the day we spent at the national park in Brazil and were impressed at how the park was set out. We probably spent at total of three hours around the park and it was about £15 each for entry. There are numerous view points to see the falls from this side and they have the impressive panoramic view which is accessed by a lift. 

We were also exposed to a vast amount of wildlife whilst here which was lovely. There are probably hundreds of different butterflies in the National Park, all fluttering past your camera lens. 

As well as these we were introduced to these animals called Quatis. They look a lot like Racoons but a little bigger and pointier face. They were such interesting animals to watch. Unfazed by humans, they were extremely inquisitive and daring when attempting to steal people’s food. I was getting the impression however they were a regular nuisance on the staff. 

From Argentina 

After seeing the falls from the Brazilian side Peter and I didn’t anticipate a huge difference in our experience from Argentinean side. To be honest we weren’t hugely excited. The entry price didn’t help this mood. It was a whopping £25 per person. A real sting for us budget travellers. However, we accepted this and boy did Argentina deliver. 
On this side of the falls there are numerous walking trails you can follow as well as a train that takes you to the centre of the falls. We completed the Red and Green trails (Upper and Lower) which slightly differed in length, height and foliage coverage. 🌿

Speaking afterwards, we both preferred seeing the falls from the Argentine side. Brazil probably has the most single impressive view right above the falls themselves however we felt you got a larger perspective of the mass of the falls from Argentina and we personally enjoyed strolling through what looked like Neverland. 


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