Santiago, Chile

Arriving in Santiago airport we had to catch a bus to the area where our Airbnb was located. The bus cost about £2 each for a thirty minute journey. Obviously our first stop after dropping off the bags was to find a supermarket to feed. Standard!

Me holding a giant crab from the local fish market. 

Our first day in Santiago was quite slow paced. We walked into the centre of town which was about forty-five minutes away. All about the walking we are. The main square, Plaza de Armas (named the same as every other square in South America) was really lovely so we sat and had some lunch and then dribbled across a museum that was holding a football related exhibit. The museum was actually displaying many football tops that were all donated by the players themselves. Some tops were from Maradona, Pelé, Ronaldo and Totti. Have fun matching the top to the mentioned player.

We were recommended by our host to visit a bar called La Piojera which sells a typical Chilean cocktail where lots of locals go. The drink is called a Terremoto and is made up of pineapple ice cream and a sweet fermented wine. The word Terremoto translates as ‘Earthquake’ which is referring to the feeling in your legs after consumption. I can conclude that the cocktail is indeed very strong!

On the way home we stopped in the square as there seemed to be some sort of act going on. Now I’m not exaggerating when I say we weren’t even there for a minute before the Performer pulled us out of the crowd to partake. I blame Peter and his height to be honest. I don’t know how it happened but about an hour later we’re still standing in the middle of a circle surrounding by Spanish speaking strangers basically being made a fool of. I’m still unsure as to what the performer’s act was exactly. He basically separated Peter and I and drew what was a ‘Castle wall’ round me and made Peter and these two other guys ‘compete’ in challenges to rescue me. Very odd. Of course Peter ‘won’ the challenge but we were both more concerned with getting home as it was a forty-five minute walk and we were both starving before getting roped in to this mans show.

The rest of our days in Santiago we spent visiting different parks nearby, for example Park O’Higgins which was a short walk away as well as climbing the Cristobal Hill which is right in the centre of Santiago. Again we had to walk into town before even starting the climb and it was quite hot that day so although it wasn’t a very challenging walk (no steps thank goodness!) the heat made it a tad more challenging than you would expect. The view from the top was pretty spectacular. We were able to see all of the city with the Andes Mountains in the background. The scenery is crazy beautiful. After making our way down we stopped off a Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a donut…or three. Definitely treat day.

New Zealand here we come!

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